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Epsilon Theta Chapter at The University of Texas at Dallas

Letter from the Collegiate Chapter President


Often times, young women look forward to their collegiate years as a time that they will finally find themselves, their people and their purpose. I was no different. Coming to UT Dallas, I was unsure of where to begin my new-found journey but I knew that I needed to start somewhere.

My knowledge of sororities went no further than an Instagram feed of photos that I had compiled in my mind of all of the women from my hometown that had graduated high school and went through recruitment before me. Each photo captured laughter or a smile and often a cute t-shirt or two, but I never took the time to realize how much joy, excitement, love and unwavering support was hiding behind the smiles in each photo. It is very possible that you’ve done the same.

When I joined Tri Delta, I had no idea at the time what it truly meant to be a member of a sorority, much less of a sisterhood. However, it wasn’t long before I discovered that sorority women could also be philanthropists, business women, future doctors, aspiring artists and hardworking engineers. I found that I was surrounded by strong, intelligent women that would inspire me and encourage me. This chapter taught me that there truly is a place in Greek life for every kind of woman, including myself.

As you take a look around our website, know that each photo is only a single moment of our lives together in this sisterhood. Our smiles and laughter are brought on by inside jokes, late night talks, Whataburger runs and so, so much more. Because this sisterhood….this sisterhood is steadfast. In it, I have found my very best friends, myself and my home.


 Samantha Watkins

 Collegiate Chapter President



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