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Letter from the Collegiate Chapter President

There are many things that separate the experiences you have in high school from the ones you make in college. For some of you, those experiences may include making new friends, having ample amounts of time to do whatever you want, or moving away from home. Nothing is ever easy, but when you surround yourself with the right people, the things you learn can impact your life in fantastic ways.

Making new friends is daunting and maybe even frightening for some people. For me, coming to UT Dallas meant leaving behind the familiar faces I knew and loved in high school and jumping head-first into to a mob of strangers. I was swimming in hours of free time; hours that I usually spent by myself. During my freshman year, I knew no one, became lost, and was left undeniably stranded.

The following semester, I joined a sorority. I joined a sorority to make friends. I joined a sorority to step out of my comfort zone. I joined a sorority to extinguish the loneliness I wanted to rid myself of. However, the Epsilon Theta Chapter of Delta Delta Delta is no ordinary sorority.

I chose Tri Delta to be part of a steadfast sisterhood. My sisters are some of the kindest, most brilliant women I know. I am motivated by them to become a better person, friend, student, leader, and sister. I have grown into somebody that loves to love and aims to succeed. My time has become enveloped in my sisters, and I wouldn’t imagine it any other way. I never thought that a group of women could become a part of my life so easily, but I knew that this is what I wanted — a home away from home. I’ve surrounded myself with women that have changed my life, and I knew that once I joined, Tri Delta would offer me something that I never would have been able to experience in high school.

The Epsilon Theta chapter has scored my heart, and once you take a look around our website, you will understand why. I encourage you to learn about our sisterhood, our philanthropic efforts, and our academia. If our experiences make us who we are, then I am forever the most infinitely loved person in the world because of Tri Delta. That, my friends, is the most divine feeling.


Nataly Keomoungkhoun
Collegiate Chapter President

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